Monday, May 26, 2014

#294-300: Hummingbird Trail, Tongva Park, Origami Records, Snow White House and more!

Tongva Park in Santa Monica
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Howdy Adventurers! How are you Angelenos doing? As we are approaching summer, there's something in the air, and it's not just allergens. It's that tug to get outdoors, to hike, go to the beach, or have a picnic.

Whether it's walking around the new Tongva Park, taking an architecture tour of Angelino Heights, or hiking the Hummingbird Trail, there are so many places to get your sun fix. What are your favorite outdoor L.A. places to visit?

#294: Angelino Heights

Angelino Heights is the second oldest district in Los Angeles. It is known for its steep hills and Victorian architecture.  The LA Conservancy offers a walking tour for $10.

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#295: Origami Vinyl Record Shop

Origami is a small local record store located in Echo Park. It also hosts in-store concerts. If you are a fan of Amoeba, you'd love this more intimate store. (Thank you to Zerve for recommending this place!)

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#296: Tongva Park

This 6.2 acre Santa Monica park includes an amphitheater, garden, playground, picnic area, fountains and restrooms. It was dedicated in October, 2013.

#297: Cove Skatepark

Even if you don't skate, it's still fun to visit the Cove Skatepark, a 20,000 square foot skatepark located at 14th and Olympic. 

#298: The "Snow White" House 

Fans of Storybook Houses should check out this Tujunga house on the corner of Commerce and Apperson. (Thank you to the reader who recommended this!) Note: You can't go in--just admire from the sidewalk. For more Storybook Houses in L.A., click here

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#299: Casa Adobe De San Rafael and Park

This Glendale house was built for Tomas Sanchez, the first sheriff of L.A. County. It was restored in 1932 and is now a museum and California Landmark #235. Free tours are offered on select days. 

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#300: Rocky Peak Park

Yes, #300 is a hiking post! One of the things I miss most of L.A. is the hiking, and this Simi Valley park has it all---rocks, caves, and the delightfully named 'Hummingbird Trail'. Check this site out for cool pics of the Hummingbird Trail. 

Have you been to any of these places? How did you like them? Leave me a comment below! :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

#288-293: Frederick Weisman Art Foundation, Temecula Wine Tasting and lots of Hiking!

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Hey L.A Adventurers! This month we've got a hidden art museum, a wine tasting road trip and hiking galore. Without further ado...

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#288: Frederick Weisman Art Foundation

The Frederick Weisman Art Foundation in Holmby Hills is one of L.A.'s  hidden treasures. You need an appointment to view Frederick Weisman's extensive private art collection, but the planning ahead will be worth it. Tours are available Monday through Friday and are free.  His modern art collection features Warhol, Ruscha, Dali and much more. Weisman was president of Hunt Foods.

One of Temecula's many great dining options: Shortys Bistro at Mount Palomar Winery

#289: Temecula Wine Tasting Road Trip

Itching to get out of L.A.? A wine tasting road trip might just be what you need. You don't have to travel far to get to wine country. Recently my friends took a romantic road trip to Temecula, a 1.5 hour drive from L.A.. Temecula is home to many wineries, most of which offer wine tastings (from $15-$20), tours and wine classes. Pechanga Casino and Resort is also located in Temecula.

Bel Vino in Temecula

#289-293: Hikes I Wish I Did

One of the things I miss most about L.A. is the hiking. Here are some trails I wanted to try but never got around to...

Newton Canyon Falls
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#289: Chumash Trail: Simi Valley, 5 miles round trip, moderate difficulty

#290: Icehouse Canyon: Mount Baldy, 7 miles, best to do June-Oct

#291: Hondo Canyon: Topanga Canyon, 7 miles round trip

#292: Lake Vista Trail: Malibu Creek, varying lengths

#293: Newton Canyon Falls: Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu, 5 miles, best done in Dec-May. More info here.

Have you been to any of these places? What did you think? Leave me a comment below!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

#283-287: Deer Park Monastery, Troutdale, Fort MacArthur Museum and more!

Happy New Year, L.A. Adventurers! This month we have a beautiful mountainside Buddhist retreat, a fort that's been transformed into a museum, a Spanish mission, all-you-can-fish fun for the family, and a gem fiesta. Read on...

Deer Park Monastery (pictured above) is a gorgeous retreat in the mountains of Escondido. The practice center follows the Buddhist tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and is open to visitors.

#284: The Fort MacArthur Museum

The Fort MacArthur Museum in San Pedro displays historical structures that were part of the Army's defense of the coastline. The defenses range from the big gun era to the missile era. They also have a radio room full of the old communication equipment used by the Army at Fort MacArthur. 

#285: San Gabriel Mission

Founded in 1771, this Spanish Mission includes a museum, gift shop, church and performance art center.  Admission is $3-$5. Mark your calendar for their 243rd Annual Fiesta at the end of August. 

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#286: Troutdale

Want something different to do with your family? Take them to Troutdale in Agoura Hills, where there's no limit to the trout you can fish for. They provide you with a bamboo pole, bucket and bait. Admission is $7 and you also pay based on the size of the fish you catch. 

#287: The Culver City Rock & Mineral Club

Members of this club get access to a fully equipped lapidary shop, library, field trips, parties and more. Everyone should check out their Fiesta of Gems, a free rock and mineral show they host every summer.

 Have you been to any of these places? What did you think? Leave me a comment below!